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Recently we drank these two wines and they are both remarkable and very characteristic to the grape and the wine making style. They are truly delicious. #rave

So here we go:

Foppinao 2009 Petite SirahAnytime I have a chance to have a Foppiano Reserve wine I am right there. The wines are profoundly rich and full, well balanced and have real body and flavor.

The Foppiano 2009 Reserve Petite Sirah is predictably fruit forward for a big wine like this. It is rich, syrupy, jammy with that lovely cherry, blackberry taste and a seriously inky color, the nose is foremost dark fruit, it is also very well balanced acidity with structured tannins. A wine with “cajones”, a wine that is thought provoking and worthy of poetic ravings. It pairs really well with BBQ meats, intensely flavored and spicy foods.

Looking for organic and sustainably produced wines? Well , Medlock Ames is your Medlock Ames 2011 Kate's   & B's Cabernet Sauvignongo to then. Located in Alexander Valley, California, they are committed to producing fantastic, gorgeous wines that are made 100% from grapes with no pesticides and on land that is as close to biodynamic as you can get. The 2011 “Kate’s and B’s” Cabernet Sauvignon is reminiscent of Margaux wines and has complex flavors of ripe and dried fruits with tannins that hold up the taste without getting lost in the fruit. The tannins are sexy enough to allow movement into the well balanced palate of chocolate, smoke, bacon and leather nuances smoothing out into a welcome velvety finish.