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*Sadly, the marvelous Harvest Moon Cafe has closed, but they will resurface like a Phoenix from the fire in another incarnation!


Well, you’re in for a real treat. The Harvest Moon Café is just lovely, cool, farm-to-jen &-nick demarest of Harvest Moon Cafetable in the most authentic way and the food is absolutely to live for.  Nick and Jen Demarest create a really good experience based on their commitment to fine food, locally sourced ingredients and a shared passion to give great eats.  Nick hails from Chez Panisse, after many travels through a worldly culinary education to produce the kind of food he believes everyone can enjoy. Along with his creativity, and his dedication to sustainable farming, he brings a practical sensibility to what many consider to be the most ecologically sound way to grow, purchase and prepare local foodstuffs. Listen to this interview and learn more about the restaurant you will soon be wanting to visit.


When we visited, we found the wine list to be approachable, yet sophisticated and the food incredibly fresh and delectable. Can’t wait to go back.