Shelly RafanelliMeeting with the winemaker, A. Rafanelli WineryShelly, of A. Rafanelli Winery is like meeting a force of nature. Her veins pump wine, and she’s literally made of the terrior of the Rafanelli vineyard. Shelly(Rashell) Rafanelli is the tiny but mighty fourth generation genius of Rafanelli winemakers behind the famous and fabulous A. Rafanelli wines. And…she’s passionate about Halloween. 🙂

I got a rare chance to sit her down during September harvest (I know, crazy, right?) where she was open and candid, sharing her wine making process, what makes her wines special and unique and the history, tradition and excellence that permeate each bottle of lovingly and painstakingly produced wine.

But please, listen for yourself to hear and experience the passion, the striving and the knowledge firsthand. (We were in a cave, so there is a bit of echo) To listen: Click here.